FINALLY… Microsoft Money 2002 working under WINE on Linux

After nearly 7 years of trying, I was able to get Microsoft Money 2002 to work under the WINE windows emulation layer in Linux.  In fact, it’s quite responsive as well.  Though I haven’t tried in 3 years, this time around I didn’t have to do anything but point-and-click.  I used the Ubuntu Linux 10.10 version, which I have to say is nice for a desktop-only system.  MUCH more responsive than Windows XP on my Acer netbook.

So, if you’re looking for a way to run MS Money 2002 on Linux, try Ubuntu 10.10.  If I can install Wine and run setup.exe through the GUI to install MS Money 2002, there can’t be any easier way other than someone else doing it for me…

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