Distortion through movies hah

Amazing just how much you can twist your mind and emotions by watching movies.
This weekend I doused myself with movies that spurred lots of fears, inspirations, and despirations.  While I’ve seen them before, watching them inline makes for an interesting montage.  I watched “I Am Legend”, “The Diary of Anne Frank”, “Invictus”, “Thin Red Line”, & “Don’t Mess With The Zohan”.  (okay, so the last was comedy but you get the trend here)

I’ve realized after watching those that there has been so much we (or maybe just me?  doubt it) cap off our thoughts of past, future, and present, with our everyday existence.
It also brought to surface the distain I have for the myopic selfishness that exists as almost a fabric of the world, today.  It’s something I’ve held inside for so long, but it’s surfacing more with each day even before watching these movies…. though they did kind of show a real-life picture of it 😉

I’m going to be that grumpy old man who snaps at kids, I know it.  However, I’ll be that grumpy old man who snaps at kids but finds that ONE who wants to know more and understand this world’s pattern.  I know it’s alot to ask…

Even further stretch would be for that child to be my son… a far cry, but I guess it’s age wishing for the impossible.

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