Parking regulations at La Serena at Toscana are extremely odd

After moving into my new apartment complex named La Serena at Toscana in Phoenix AZ, I’ve slowly decided I’m moving after my lease is up after a year.  I’ll leave out everything else except for this one thing which rubbed me the wrong way and will be a morality and ethics war… which I always win.  Apparently, La Serena at Toscana has issues with vehicles backing into parking spaces.  While I thought that the security truck in the area was for my protection, it appears that they (along with the Phoenix police, I was told by the front office) need to see the plates of the vehicle to run them to be sure they aren’t stolen or expired.

My car (which I use rarely, because my motorcycles are my main transportation) is parked in a guest spot and a big orange sticker was applied to my window by the Signal-88 guard truck because I backed it in and they don’t like that.  I don’t know when they put the sticker on either, since I only saw it after being called by the front office and asked to turn my vehicle around.  (yeah, my first response was.. “uh.. excuse me?”)  I know my legal rights, so as far as a guest spot I know I’m basically spread-eagle legally.  However, we’ll see how far the totalitarian “community policy” goes with non-guest parking…

Now, I back my motorcycles into the apartment-bound spot most of the time, just to make the leaving part so much smoother along with being my decision as an American.  My plates are for the road, which is public property and I paid my dues for the right to do that.  That being said, conversely if you are having financial problems and cannot tag your vehicle for a month, all you have to do legally is not use said vehicle on the publically available streets which are paid for with the funding of the registration. (and more, but we’ll leave it at that)  The parking lot is far away from the street, and is not an examination area for your vehicle. 

I have no issues registering/tagging/insuring my vehicle, but I know my rights as a citizen.  Who dares usurp your rights as an American citizen by forcing you to park your vehicle in a specific way so they can examine you every night to make sure your legal and not driving a stolen vehicle? 

Naturally both of my motorcycles I’ve turned around to point the plates away from the driving path (backed in) as a statement.  If I had a garage ($100, if they had any available to rent), they would not go into the garage to check.  My open parking spot is rented with my apartment, so legally it affords the same rights.  The game is afoot, and I’ll be damned if I’ll park exactly how they want me to, so some jackboot orange-tagging thug can perform anal checkups on my vehicle’s legality… especially on the spot that is legally bound to a rented unit.

I know a certain someone who is going to be packing his things and moving to a more American place next year.  I would fight and die for my rights, and the laws which are black-and-white.  Having them overshadowed by attempted totalitarian tactics with no legally sound footing aside from “cuz we said so, yo” will never fly with me.  Nor a lawyer, if another high-adherence sticker is applied to my vehicle’s glass with writing that says, “Please don’t back in”.  Leave policing for the police, and the jackboots with the 40’s.

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