four loko…

So it seems that some of the journalists now have their panties all jammed up their ass again, and have found out that college students are *gasp* drinking alcohol in abundance! Now, a canned alcohol named Four Loko seems to be under attack because some students in Washington state drank a buttload of them at once and got extremely sick. Now, pause. Let’s analyze what it is. It’s a malt beverage that’s essentially a caffeine drink with 12% alcohol in it. That means 24 oz can is about the same as 24 oz of any other 12% (24 proof) alcohol. Let’s sum up 24 oz, now. 8 oz is a cup, so that’s 3 cups of 12% alcohol. It’s a couple glasses of wine, essentially.
The college kids drank more than 6 of them, which 24×6=144 oz of 12% alcohol. Let’s add in that caffeine amplifies your bodies absorption of alcohol, along with hindering it’s effects for a bit. This allows you to drink more within a period of time and then get plowed with what you drank suddenly.
It’s essentially a vodka & red bull, just not as tasty, and MUCH larger. It’s also $2 a can, which is tolerable for someone in college haha

I’ve taken the liberty of trying one, actually as I’m typing this. It’s not the most glamorous in taste, and has that ‘I’m a lush’ smell to it, like maddog 20/20. I don’t think I could finish the entire can, just because of that.

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