5 Hour energy – What the hell is wrong with this world??

For the last year or more, I’ve seen commercials on television for this product called “5 hour energy” which comes in a little plastic shot cup that costs approximately 3 bucks. (used to be $5)  When I first saw it, I was naive and thought “I guess people need that after an exercise to boost themselves, and it’s just a cute name.”.  Little did I realize, I’d learn differently and see just how pathetic some people are.  A trend started almost instantly… first 5 hour Energy, then Safe Auto making it sound as if most normal people just have no insurance and they are talking them into inexpensive ways to cover their normally bad driving record.  5 Hour Energy follows the same trend!  Everyone gets tired almost right after lunch it seems, and can’t survive without something to wake their sorry ass up.  At least according to the commercial… If the world was really that sad, we wouldn’t be where we are.  I’m 36 years old right now, wake up at 6am, eat “normally” I believe, and don’t really get tired until 7pm-8pm.  I know I’m not an abnormal human, which makes me worry…

I have a slight feeling that a large number of people eat high-carbohydrate meals during lunch.  This definitely sends a person into sleepiness, so maybe that’s the problem.  However, for hours?  I mean, there are days when your groggy and have no energy.. but everyday??

Next thing you know, there will be commercials about pills to give people erections because everyone knows EVERYONE has problems with getting it up.

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