Wii Fit exercise and prosthesis use…

As noted in a previous post, I’ve picked up a Wii Fit to get myself back into the groove of things.  I know it’s not the end all be all of exercise, but with my mentality it’s something cute and fun to get my brain rolling back into the physical fitness groove.  I usually need a nudge or I lose momentum and just give up…

So, I’ve started an exercise regimen (playtime for me) with Fit, and it can be a little disheartening at times since it’s oblivious to the fact that I have one leg without some functionality exercise-wise.  (My artificial ankle is stationary, and without physical feeling)  Since I’m the kind of guy who will cut a bullet out to avoid lead poisoning (theoretically.  I’ve never been shot, let’s keep it that way), I’ve let the Wii Fit Plus program do it’s thing with me treat me as if I’m a 36 year old who is in perfect shape.

For those that are amputees (or from-birth prosthesis wearers), you know that moving that appendage can be cumbersome if it’s one of those delicate “bend your leg behind the other to support yourself, then lift your right arm” kind of things.. a plank exercise is a great example.  If you use the Wii Fit Plus, you have to have a strong heart.  With a prosthesis there are some things that I can’t do (and probably will not be able to do ever) Yoga’s Standing dog pose.. I think that’s what it’s called… or the plank exercise.. or balancing for 40 seconds on the prosthesis side if you have a lower-body prosthesis.  The application attempts to call you on your bad balance, and with worried eyes the instructor states, “your a bit shakey, perhaps working on your core muscles is necessary as it will avoid back issues in the future”.  There are other parts… I guess the thing is that if you have memories of running miles/50+ pushups/cycling/etc and have been placed into the position of needing to get a bit of that back, try and keep a strong heart with this game.  The way I see it is, if I have a problem doing it then I need to work harder to try and do the best I can before I’m too old to make any differences… no matter what.
I highly advise anyone not fluent in exercise routines to use the Wii Fit Plus with the Wii Fit balance board as it sets you in the right direction and even weighs you and keeps logs to help you keep things in order.  Keep a smile on your face, and remember when you were a kid and trying hard to be better.  Absorb that child, and make it your bitch, no matter the path.

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