Nintendo Wii

After growing tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and playing my playstation 2 games, I debated for the longest tme on purchasing a PS3.  Looking at what’s available, it looks to me as the same old stuff, only with better graphics and ‘net access. (to purchase new stuff!)  I finally gave up, and just went with the Nintendo Wii.  Why?  Because it offers a new style of gaming, and includes a mild form of athletics and movement into the games.  Also, I have a soft spot for the history of Nintendo since I grew up with the original Nintendo console.  Zelda and Mario Brothers are my past 🙂

Of course, knowing me, spinning my imagination only begins a whirlwind… right by the Wii display were Blu-ray Home Theatre systems.  Now, naturally I don’t need a Blu-ray player since I couldn’t care less about greater than DVD quality.  (right now)  However, with Blu-ray players comes internet-connected applications that can play video and audio over the ‘net.  that’s my selling point.

So, I purchased a Wii with component cable (came with Wii sports & Wii sports resort), and to top it all off a Sony Blu-ray home threatre system. (w/1,000 watt audio output)  After slapping all that together, it sparked a fire… one I haven’t had in over 4 years.  I just had to get more to expand my entertainment area, with one directive… no monthly fees.  So far, I’ve only locked myself into Netflix, but I was going to do that anyway.  Only now, it’s DVD and On-Demand over Internet!

So now, I have handsized desktop that plays stored AVI/MPEG/other videos along with hulu/etc, a Soy Blu-ray that does Pandora/Slacker Radio/Netflix/Youtube/etc, and a Nintendo Wii… which I’ve gotten a Wii Fit, 10 or so games, and a version of Guitar Hero called “Band Hero”.  After finding an induction charger so I can just lay the chargers on top of a plate to charge (with the jacket on), here I am now.  A DVR for recording over-the-air television shows is coming as well… a DTV Pal DVR so I can watch things that are on during the day or at night.. watch it when I actually have time.

Now my next goal is to replace my screen with something worth being in a living room… a 60″ plasma 1080p television.  You’d be surprised how resourceful I can be finding items for 70% less than MSRP 😉  After that, get decent furniture other than faux leather… ick…

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