Sharing a sight that sunk me fast…

There are some sights you see that can drag you from where you are mentally into a frigid, introspective mindset for a while.  This would be it.  An American driver was drunk behind the wheel near Monterrey, Mexico in June 2008.  Apparently, the driver fell asleep behind the wheel while inebriated and collided with a pack of road cyclists.

I’m not the kind of guy that gets emotional over pictures, but with what’s been in my life with cycling in the past, along with what has happened physically (not by cycling, but still)… it’s enough to make you stop and pause to hold back to the tears.  Not only were they set to make themselves healthier, they were enjoying themselves.  You have to set a slight line of trust in order to go out of your door in this world…
Just to note: This was during a 34 kilometer race, 15 minutes into it.  1 person of this crew was killed in this accident; a 28 year old guy.

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