I have to get onto my soapbox for a second and go on a tirade about the term “sick” being used nowadays in very pathetic ways. Everywhere I turn, people (not kids, people) replace the term “awesome”, “cool”, or “sweet”, with the term “sick”. Now, the reason such words existed in the beginning were because they were queues to being good things. Even the term “bad” in the 80’s was because so off-kilter and on it’s own design good. Now we stretch forward to the term “sick”… I personally think there were a subset of individuals somewhere that showed their stuff to others and they grimaced and just said “dude, that’s sick…” and walked away disgusted. Of course, because they thought they were awesome/cool/rad/knarley/def/tight/sweet/rad (isn’t it cute how I included 80’s terms? 🙂 ), the people calling their stuff “sick” definitely meant it was a desirable piece of merchandise and they were complimenting them on their designs.
I shake my head when I hear that word, and just walk away from the person. I even had someone call my bike “sick” once, and I just lowered my head, shook it, and rode away.

I think I’ll just see if I can get people to start calling something “fetch” when they like it… “dude, that bikes fetch, man…”

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