Dentistry – the most perfect dentist is found! (in Scottsdale, AZ no less!)

After getting my bridge-work done to repair the last (repairable) of the motorcycle accident issues, I think I’ve found the most perfect dentist I’ve ever dealt with.  I can attest to this for 3 years now.  A year before my accident, I had a complete reconstruction of my upper jaw teeth (bridging) to repair issues that grew over the years.  I’ve had horrible experiences with dentists before that point, most of the time being verbally mocked and the last time having 2 of the dental assistants stand around as he was indirectly mocking and poking fun at me.  To add insult to injury, that was when I was 24, and the medical assistants were about 22, and female.
That is the past, and I found Dr. Michael Steinberg, DDS.  He has a website, and it’s which is the usual introductory style.  The front desk women are great and have a casual, friendly demeanor.  The pricing has always been better than any other dentist I’ve talked to in the area, oddly.  Most of the time, when the price is cut the quality is cut.  Not with Dr. Steinberg, and he’s very modern technologically.  The X-Rays take no time at all, and are computerized.  Just clamp down on a piece in your mouth and click, instant digital picture for you and him to see.  This lowers the price for both you and him because of the reduced equipment and needs.
Okay, before I go too far, back to the topic.  3 years ago I had the top removed, bridged with rods and teeth.  This obviously is surgery, and you would think extremely painful and debilitating for a day or two at the very least.  With Dr. Steinberg, I was able to work the very next day, and honestly I felt no pain at all through the entire procedure.  Anytime you can have that much done and never feel pain, I consider that good practice.  He was very thorough, and made sure I understood everything up front price-wise along with present/future needs.  Once that was done and paid off, 10 or so months later I was in the accident and road impact broke the rods.  Naturally, insurance will not cover such a thing, as it’s not a physical issue and is purely cosmetic.

So, 2 years later after getting my life back in order I go back in to reintroduce myself.  Smiling faces were there, and nearly everyone recognized me.  After examining everything, and making sure the structure was alright, the price was given.  For a complete reconstruction, it was $4K less than Clear Choice Dental.  Considering I knew his style and I knew he wouldn’t just jump in and start doing things without looking at the full picture, I saved up the money and did it a year later.  Remarkable work, and even more remarkable help around the office.  The quality of the bridge material is great, as well!  I walked out and was able to drive away, no use of any nitrous oxide. (laughing gas)

With such a wide variety of dentists that are callous and simply want to process people through without a thought on pain or friendliness, I highly recommend Dr. Michael E Steinberg, DDS.  Anybody that can have a (one-sided) conversation with you during surgery without any problems has to be worth the price and more.  I’m sticking with this guy, he rocks.

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