Does the government care about anything anymore?

As of lately, it seems that the United States government has lost interest in anything other than stemming the tirade of the citizens. Two major activites are in the midst as of lately, and the “big toothbrush” example is right there for everyone to see. The two activities are an ongoing oil reserve rupture in the gulf of Mexico off of Louisiana, along with the illegal border crossing technique used by an ever-growing number of Mexican citizens.

As far as the oil reserve rupture, the publically viewable mindset of the government is akin to a father punishing his son by yelling at him to clean up the cup he just dropped, and the child slowly brushing up the remains while grumbling. In a scenario such as that, the problem is never removed. Especially when the person (company in this respect) is the one fixing the problem. The mindset of repair has even stemmed to not capping the rupture, but instead gathering it. First was the “top hat” technique to cup it and pump it to the ship, the second was a cap that was designed to not cap it (as the name says…), but to focus the oil to a harvest point. The technique used right this second is to gather as much of the oil from the water immediately above the broken pipe as can be syphoned. A 3rd party endeavor would be far more beneficial, along with less biased towards the business outcome. Talks are in effect now to even create pressure drills to syphon the “pressure” from the reserve to alleviate the first rupture.
Sealing the first rupture would be the most beneficial, and prudent repair. However, the collateral business loss would be out of the picture since the United States has a temporary moratorium on deepwater exploration drilling.

The second issue is illegal border crossing by Mexican citizens, en-mass. The United States has always had rules governing immigration into the country, as with any other country. There has always been an influx of Mexican citizens illegally crossing the border, for work or other reasons. The primary concern is taxation since resources in the country are funded via income-based taxation collected from citizens (or visa/green card documented working immigrants). The catalyst of the issue currently is the state of Arizona’s actions of creating state laws allowing state-based law enforcement to enforce federal mandated laws. The reaction within the United States is akin to pouring Hydrogen Peroxide on an open wound, and the country appears to be gripping the chair arm and enduring the pain temporarily. The people most effected by this are those that are close to the people performing the illegal activity. The 5 steps of grief are waning the situation at the current time:
* 1. Denial and Isolation.
* 2. Anger.
* 3. Bargaining.
* 4. Depression.
* 5. Acceptance.

As of now, the current step is at the end of step 2, and reaching step 3 on the federal level. Once the federal level reaches the consensus that legal citizenship or visa documentation is necessary, the 4th step will be reached and true healing can occur.

Living close to the border can teach you quite a bit.

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