Blackberry & stocksplus application

This is a short note that if you find yourself installing the stocksplus application on a Blackberry smartphone and you’ve selected to update the background wallpaper with stock information, AND you choose to delete the application afterwards sometime, you will have problems with the background continually being reset back to the stock background.

The way around this that I have found is to remove the directory on the Blackberry through the file manager called /Device Memory/home/user/stocksplus. Once you remove the directory, you can then set your theme wallpaper to whatever you wish, again.

I thought I’d throw this out there in case someone else finds themselves in the same boat.
It’s not a huge problem, but the last thing you really want to do when removing an application is to have to rummage through the files on the smartphone.

Edit:  That did not fix the problem, the directory just reappeared the next time I restarted the blackberry.  I can remove the stocksplus directory to stop it, but it starts again when rebooted.  I’m going to continue to research this, but any ideas on stopping a blackberry process from running on startup would be greatly appreciated.

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