Acer Aspire One WinXP SD driver

The one time I need to transfer files via SD on my Acer Aspire One laptop, I find it needs drivers that aren’t installed. It’s Windows XP installed from the factory, and the ONLY reason I left it on there as that is I wanted a fully working driver-worry installation instead of looking for drivers.
So, now that I find that the drivers weren’t installed, I found them:
This directory contains the drivers in zip format. You’ll have to surf that directories for the jmcr.sys file.

I figured I’d share this so that if anyone else with an Acer Aspire One finds themselves in the same position they can get it, install it, and go on with life without a problem in that arena.

as I contemplate just blasting the XP installation and dropping Ubuntu Linux onto it. It’s a desktop, no need to worry about server-related stuff, so Ubuntu would be a decent decision for a desktop.

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