OpenVZ memory breakdown

After quite a bit of reading and piecing apart the memory segmentation of OPenVZ, I ran across a great website that broke it down nicely.

The guy had a great picture that is a great visual reminder of how memory is laid out inside of a container.
A brief description of each:

privvmpages – pretty much the entire containers visible ram.
kmemsize – memory allocated for kernel-related process handling.  I toss in 10Mb unless it’s a huge app, then I massage the container as needed.  Otherwise, toss in 40-50Mb and see how far it expands, then shrink it up.
oomguarpages – Memory guaranteed to exist without any kind of Out-of-memory restriction.. in spite of what may be happening on the host.
vmguarpages – Memory guaranteed to the VM.

Toss all of these together into a soup, and add the right spices, and you’re golden.

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