Global warming and the attempted struggles to say otherwise

Over the last two years or so, a laughable idea that global warming (or greenhouse gas atmospheric toxification as it should be known) is a “hoax” has actually been thought of as some sort of “exposing” of facts to prove otherwise.  Somehow, the thought that the temperatures are going down over the last few years nullifies thousands of years of data is part of it.

The more the world actually gives even a second to any group within the world that attempts to hinder a movement towards a cleaner environment is the time when the world has lost it’s momentum towards a cleaner world.

Saying that carbon dioxide (co2) in the “air” is natural and is a cyclical basis so it’s okay to keep dumping exponential amounts into the atmosphere is about akin to saying that urine is not naturally a toxin so it’s fine to urinate in the drinking water because it’s a large amount and naturally would gain the urine because the ground would filter it into the water over time.

It’s humorous to watch people attempt the argument but now that uninformed people are enmass and taking it as truth, it’s scary.

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