Pine (or alpine) with gmail

I use gmail for just about everything mail related since it’s more reliable than any provider anywhere it seems.
the only downfall is that it’s not a straight POP3 for security reasons, which means your not just going to go cleartext with a console-app that does pop3 email.
SOOOOO I like the application “pine”, which is console only, and is a wonderful little utility for quick, simple, easy to read email along with composing, etc. It just needs configuring to work with Gmail.

After a bit of searching to do this since I’m about lazy, I ran across this. These are instructions on the configuration of pine (or the alternative, alpine). NOTE: I use Linux, a type of UNIX operating system. It’s not a windows application.


First enable IMAP on your Google account!!!
-Log into Google and click “settings”,
-Click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”
-Under IMAP Access click “Enable IMAP”

Your .pinerc needs to be like this:

user-id=your.username at at

(all on one line)
inbox-path={ at}INBOX

(all on one line)
incoming-folders=your.username at { at}
(you probably have to check “enable-incoming-folders” in your Pine Setup, Config as well)

(all on one line)
folder-collections=”your.username at” { at}[]

You can invoke pine using an alternate .pinerc like so:
pine -p .pinerc_gmail
You can’t use /afs/isis/pkg/pine/bin/pine because it’s configured to fix settings for smtp-server and user-domain back to UNC’s. So you can read your Gmail with it but when you send e-mail things get confusing.

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