Weather beckons: the summer of incline has begun

It appears to be the time again where the weather beckons you to come out of your cave and walk amongst the gods yet again.

downsized_0502091609Behold, I have bestowed the essence of my very being amongst the people aside them, and it is grand.  The mountain of Lookout mountain I have graced again yesterday, and a great warmup trail it is.  The weather was at last above 90… a balmy 95 degrees.

It was a great time, for anyone within the Phoenix metropolitan area I highly advise to try Lookout mountain since it has something for people not into anything more than walking along with those with a touch of hiker inside of them.

It was good to stretch the muscles, and to push the mechanics to see where the limits are.  I  have found that the incline of greater than 45 degrees was nearly impossible with my current incline of the prosthetic foot, so further adjustment and engineering will be done to obtain this.


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