A quick script to iterate 255 ip addresses

While it didn’t take long at all, I figure it’s something to share for those that don’t do bash scripting.
I had the need to have 255 IP address changes (for network documentation so I didn’t have to type them that many times in documentation), so I created a simple bash script that walked through a variable and printed it out to the screen.
Now, this is simply for the 10.1.variable.x network to walk through from 10.1.variable.1 to 10.1.variable.255 so I could just import it as a CSV into Excel and copy-paste it to the right place.
NO, I hate Microsoft products. It’s just that now I have to document in a Microsoft Sharepoint web site which uses either ActiveX or Excel. Yes, morale is meant to be taken and destroyed, it’s only with a bastian of cold callousness I allow it to happen.
Here it is, have fun.
Just copy and paste this into a bash script, and call it with a number for the third octet of your network. Or change the networking address, or do whatever.

if [ ${THIRDOCTET} -n ]
echo “Variable missing.”
echo “Use the following: ${0} ”

for I in {1..255}
echo 10.1.${THIRDOCTET}.${I}

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