Social experiment in job searches with prosthetic limb

Through the last year, there was quite the eye opening for me in the discrimination of the workplace that is hidden with shallow overcastings to keep it on legal bounds.
Before the time that I have become a prosthetic user, I was hired rather quickly once an interview occurred since my profession as a Linux/Unix Engineer is a niche market and saturated with relatively novice users.   My experience has been 12+ years, and nothing beforehand that was without merit.  The only reason I draw this picture out is that once I was back into the workforce (3 months after release from rehabilitation) and the perspectives were drastically reduced.  Though interviewed for at least 5-6 positions which wouuld have before given instant results, nothing surfaced.  During the interviews, an visible disconnection was made as soon as (necessary) information was given in regards to having a prosthetic limb and not being able to perform stairs on a constant basis at the time.  Every position was desk based, and very few positions within my field even have stairs involved.  Carrying 40-60 lbs was not a problem, it was simply climbing stairs and walking long distances while healing continued for 2-3 months.  Only one position was achievable, and even that position was an interview for Linux administration and ended with a Jr Operations Technician, reading logs and reporting errors to other people.  The promise during the interview was that the opening would open later.  A pretty large medical problem that happened one week made approximately lateness happen several days which resulted in termination, even with knowledge of the happenings.

Unfortunately, information like that is necessary to convey in order to have proper facilitation.  In the next year, every interview went the same as the rest.  Within that time, exercise of the muscles to a point that everything was functioning to the same as without any problems.  One interview just a week ago I failed to “inform” of the prosthetic since I could work around every issue in some way.  I was contacted, and brought in as part of their team.

I partially did the information omission at the interview as social experiment to see how the reaction would be, and the results were as expected.  Although the position I was very interested in.  While I am extremely happy to be employed again and to be able to use my skills once more, the thought is still there.

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