10,400mah 77wh battery purchased for my Asus EEE 900a

Due to the primary reason for owning an Asus EEE 900a, long battery life, I did research for a battery that would last longer than 2-3 hours which is the lifespan of a stock battery. After figuring out which models of battery the 900a will accept, I ran across a 10,400mah battery that actually had a label that flat out said “replaces al22-703”, the model number of the battery on the 900a. Naturally, it’s next to impossible to purchase any such battery from any seller within the United States.
I found a 10,400mah 77wh battery that is bigger than stock obviously, and is about twice stock weight. However, the lifespan is worlds different, with hard processing and disk access able to happen for so many hours. Today was the longest I’ve gone so far, which I was able to push harshly for 9.5 hours before the battery was at a measured 4% available. During this time, virtualization machines (vmware, virtualbox, ec) were open, my usual commandline work was being done, along with quite alot of network access to transfer data. Web surfing happens no matter what…
So, if you are interested in more battery life on your 900a (or 703), the easiest way to find them is on Ebay right now. Many different sellers have them, however just for consistancy, a seller by the name haobattery.9953 sold mine to me from Hong Kong for $89.99 with free shipping. The product came and was accidentally turned away by the person I live with, not recognizing the company name I use through Paypal. haobattery.9953 graciously shipped another battery as that product was in shipment back to Hong Kong.
This battery style performs nicely and turns the 900a into a seemingly self-powered device!
Now if only there were the thin sleek style of battery available for the 1000 which resided right behind the system instead of underneath… icing on the cake if that existed.

Just put it into the same context I think… what other laptop has 2gb memory, 64gb of solid state drive space, a a battery with 9-12 hours usage, a weight of below 3 pounds even with a heavier battery, and an 8.85×6.7  inch case size a little more than 3/4 inch thick .  Couple that with the silent running makes it one of my best laptops ever.

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