Turmeric as a cough suppressant & expectorant

I tested turmeric’s expectorant abilities, and it does a good job of making a dry cough go away.  Living in the desert, season changes can be rough on the breathing and I had a dry cough that was driving me nuts.  I looked up what a quick given fix was, and turmeric was pretty obvious but hey… figured I’d look it up.

I went with 3 grams, which is 1 teaspoon.  (1 1/2 grams = 1/2 teaspoon approx)  It effected me the same day, made me feel better with the cough gone.  I’m taking it for the week just to make sure everything is better all the way, but very nice it was so responsive.

I mix it with warm milk (powdered milk, since I’m  lactose intolerant), and it harbors the spicey temperatures very nicely.  Just slam it down and no problems.

1 teaspoon turmeric, 1 cup of milk.

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