Nostalgia of software

I’m finding myself becoming very nostalgic of software in my past.  Remembering the old Desqview days, when you could put a peice of software in and multitask between many different running applications without a worry of any of them losing any information or clock timing.  Quarterdeck bringing out QEMM to make memory usage so much easier and more worthwhile to get over the 640kb barrier without calling it extended or expanded memory… running apple dos 1 on an old Apple when I was in school and writing applications in BASIC.  Playing in the VAX at the university of maryland and touching what would be my future… mmmmm

Those were good times..  Lots of imagination, lots of grime, grit, and determination.  These days are the same I guess, just in a different way.  Viva la técnica revolutione!  Just have to admit though, nothing as cool as the difference between the 286 and 386 is going to appear in the near future =)

EDIT: and here I find out after posting this that Desqview/X has been released public domain, with everything for it including QEMM available through

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